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Property Managers Online Offers The Most Efficient Real Estate Property Management


Property Managers Online prides itself on offering a superior service to other real estate agencies.

We do this by enhancing profitability for our landlords, whilst providing a more attentive and thorough service to our tenants.

As one of the leading real estate management agencies in Melbourne, we are committed to serving clients by offering the best solutions to tenants and landlords. We have been playing a major role in helping landlords meet their potential tenants by lessening the gap between the two, ultimately providing a holistic real estate property management solution. Our real estate agency in Melbourne hosts an arsenal of experienced property managers who will provide the right advice, and offer appropriate solutions to make the most out of your property.

We can find a suitable tenant for your property faster & reduce vacancy time!

Our Approach:

Better Advertisements

A well-scripted ad is vital in ensuring an above-average return on your investment. Property Managers Online invest in well-structured advertisements, which are sure to turn heads with their eye-catching copy, coupled with appealing property photographs. By using professional photographs and an effective description, we demonstrate to prospective tenants why your property is worth paying that bit extra for.

Finding Tenants Faster

Unlike other real estate agents, we process individual application as soon as they have been received.

We organise inspections and reference checks immediately, so that we can find a suitable tenant for your property faster!

Faster Application Turnarounds

We appreciate that tenants want to move in as soon as possible after submitting their applications. That’s why we offer a 48-hour turnaround from application to approval.

Better for tenants – better for landlords.

Better Rent Negotiation

Our staff know how to get better returns for your investment by promoting your property the right way!

More Thorough Inductions

Since we’re a boutique firm, we can conduct more thorough inductions with tenants when they move into a new property.

By outlining tenants’ rights and responsibilities in detail, this greatly decreases the chance of conflicts arising down the track.

Information At Your Fingertips

Accessing vital information and documents shouldn’t take time – that’s why we’ve created our unique online hub to support landlords and tenants in checking the status of their property, retrieving common documents and submitting queries.

This also means that we can spend time where it really counts: providing you with a better, more personalised service.

Now you know how we do it..

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