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Client-Focused Attitude And Stress Free Property Management Service Guarantee


At Property Managers Online we have a client-focused attitude and stress free Property Management Service Guarantee. We are committed to serving our clients in the best possible way, and undertake a very professional approach when it comes to dealing with property. As the property rental industry is heavily regulated we undertake legislative measures to ensure our clients are not affected by any claims made against them. In the case of any breaches, we notify the tenant of the possible outcome and escalate all tenant complaints to the property management body for a fair outcome. The tenancy tribunal handles all escalations by tenants, and we make sure as our service guarantee, that any matters needing further attention are dealt with in a certain timeframe to ensure a smooth rental process for tenants and landlords both.

Property Managers Online believes in offering a consistently client-focused approach to our work, and dealing with issues that arise in a prompt and professional manner.

We’re proud of our approach and we stand by it.

We offer a Tenant Selection Guarantee. If you commit to full property management with us and we select a tenants who breaches their tenancy agreement  and needs to be dealt with by Tenancy Tribunal, we will pay the application fee, and our time preparing and attending is absolutely free to you.

Our reputation is built on keeping our customers happy and we take this responsibility seriously.

Now you know our Service Guarantee..

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