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Property Managers Online is a boutique Melbourne-based firm dedicated exclusively to property management.Our property managers act as a bridge between the landlords and their tenants – with a focus on getting the best results for both parties. What differentiates us from other property management firms is our focus on managing property, rather than solely focusing on the buying and selling aspect of real estate.

This is what distinguishes us from most other real estate agencies, who focus primarily on the buying and selling of real estate and deal with property management only as a secondary business. This leaves many clients – both landlords and tenants – feeling unsatisfied by the service they receive from the larger agencies.

Our online property management website provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use online service for users. By specialising in property management, our team is able to guarantee superior returns for landlords on their investment properties, and provide both landlords and tenants alike with attentive and comprehensive service. (Find out more about how we do this).

Selecting the finest property managers is essential to making the most out of your property. There are a number of property management companies in Melbourne – but not all can provide an exceptional end-to-end service. With several aspects that need to be considered before and after renting out the property – it is vital for property owners to partner with the best property managers available, as this will ensure a trusted result for you and your property. What sets our property management agency apart from others is our exemplary service towards our clients and our expertise in the property management industry, which are the pillars to running a successful property management company.

Access vital information about your property, whenever you need it.

What Sets Us Apart

Quality Over Quantity

We maintain smaller portfolios, enabling us to spend more time tailoring our services to the needs of our clients.
Offering tailor-made solutions to all our clients depending on the requirements over a wide range of clientele.


We live and breathe property management. We know the processes that landlords and tenants must go through – the legislation, the pitfalls – and how to AVOID them – to ensure our clients enjoy a profitable, hassle-free experience.

Our Track Record

Our open and honest communication with landlords and tenants greatly reduces the risk of conflicts arising later down the track, as well as minimises the need to resolve conflicts through VCAT. Check out what our clients have to say.
We have maintained a proven track record of unmatched quality when it comes to dealings in property management. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are the experts in providing paramount property management services, and being able to meet all client expectations through our end-to-end tenant and landlord support services.

24/7 Online Hub

Providing round the clock service at your fingertips with our property management website, our online portal is just one of the elements that strengthens our foundation with our tenants and landlords.
Our online portal gives you access to vital information about your property whenever you need it – including checking if the rent has been paid, communicating with your property manager and much more.

Better Coverage

Our professional property management services cater to all constitutions of the property market. Be it an apartment, a town house in a block of units or a stand-alone house, we have the experience to support you.
Our portfolio covers a great area than most other real estate agents. We have an in-depth knowledge of the factors affecting landlords and tenants all over Melbourne!

REIV Accredited

We closely adhere to all set norms, standards and procedures as per the regulated industry guidelines to ensure there are no nasty surprises!

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