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We strive to find you the perfect tenant while minimising the time of vacancy for your property.Our property services aim to match the right landlords to a tenant. We put our entire emphasis on placing listings, rental dating (inspections) and screening eligible candidates to save you from asking the inevitable question of ‘will I find the right one?’ We determine who the target rental audience is, as we know different properties have different kinds of tenants. We work with the landlord while finding the tenant and provide feedback on every potential tenant to the landlord at the earliest. This speeds up the process in which we can connect the right landlords and property to a tenant.

“Don’t let anyone rent a space in your head, unless they are good tenants”

Our approach differs from other real estate agencies and property managers in the following ways:

Like Attract Like Theory

We apply the Like-Attracts-Like theory, and believe that a run-down, uncared for property will attract the same type of attention to care from tenants. A well-maintained, loved property will attract tenants who will pour the same level of love and care into the property as if it were their own. We recommend for any repairs and maintenance issues to be sorted and any upgrades or renovations done before we start looking for tenants.

Advertising via Social Media

Along with the traditional method of marketing a rental property, we also engage the more advanced and modern approach to finding a tenant. We use various social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ to target the audience, and also list the property on free portals to keep the advertising cost low. This significantly reduces costs for the landlord. With effective use of Google Places we can enhance search engine advertisements depending on the desired area or simply where the property is located. This in turn can generate more applications – widening the candidate application pool to bring you closer to finding the right tenant.

Private inspections

We consider property rentals to be a similar process to selling it to a property buyer, where the buyer being the tenant is going to pay the landlord to use their property. The tenant is the one from whom we generate the income cash flow. We give utmost importance to the prospective tenants and consider everyone visiting the property as the next potential tenant. This helps us to generate a rapport among the prospective tenant and help us understand them during inspections. We assess and understand the applicant’s needs and budget in order to suggest the best property options for them. Our ability to match the right property to the tenant expectations will see them satisfied in the long-term.

Faster Approvals

The bottom-line of managing a rental property is enhancing rental return, which is best done with reducing vacancy losses. To reduce this loss we work on the first come, first serve policy. Once we’ve found the most suitable tenant, we’ll get your approval, conduct reference checks and process documentation as quickly as possible (usually within 2-3 days).

Better inductions process

By spending that extra time settling in tenants, answering queries and detailing their obligations, we’ve found that it greatly reduces the chance of conflicts arising in the future. We are a REIV member and use all documentation recommended by them.

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