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Yes, we charge a leasing fee at the beginning of each lease term. This fee is charged to the landlord and there is no fee charged to the tenant. However, if you are an existing tenant and want to break your lease, then you are liable to pay the releasing charges along with other charges which are incurred by the landlord because of the lease break.

At Property Managers Online, we provide all the aspects of property management that a landlord would. We find and select great tenants, perform regular property inspections, arrange maintenance, collect rent and process the relevant paperwork. Our online portal allows you to access all information relating to your property, including rent due date, last rent collected and online inspection reports, whenever and wherever you need to. We’re available 24/7 to personally manage emergencies at your property. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we manage the situation in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act and, if necessary, take care of the Tenancy Tribunal process. We pay all collected rent to the landlord on a regular basis, and send statements showing the funds coming in and out each month straight to your inbox. Each year we’ll provide an End of Year Summary to make your accounting easier.

Engaging one of our talented and experienced property managers will enable you to get the best return on your investment property with the least amount of effort. We’ll work to minimise property vacancy by effectively and comprehensively advertising your property to your target market, showing prospective tenants through as soon as the current tenant gives notice and having any between tenancy maintenance taken care of quickly so your property is ready to rent straight away. We do NOT charge extra for rental appraisals, administrative costs such as postage, calls or copying, photography – these and many more are all inclusive with our advertised fees. Regular rent appraisals, upgrade and maintenance recommendations, and sourcing and providing bulk discounts are among the many ways the skilled property managers at Property Managers Online strive to increase value to our clients. We believe that property management is a skilled job that requires a manager’s full focus, and should be done by a professional property management company.

In accordance with best practice outlined by the Residential Tenancies Act, Property Managers Online operate a Trust Account which all rent money is paid into. This money is kept separate from the business administration account and is regularly reconciled to ensure all rent has been paid accurately, on time and in full. You will be issued regular statements straight to your email or letterbox so you know exactly what is happening. You can also access your account online though our web portal using your personal username and password, or alternatively you can call us on 1300 103 013 or email us on to get your questions answered 24/7.

While instinct plays a valuable role in selecting tenants for a property, it should never be solely relied upon. We interview potential tenants during their property viewings and if we need more information, we ask. All tenants must fill out a detailed application form in which they nominate referees, who are telephoned and interviewed. These referees will include current and former landlords, employers and character referees. We also check tenants are not on the Tenancy Tribunal Decisions Database. Over many years honing our skills in selecting good tenants, we are so confident of our ability to choose the best tenants for your property that we offer a Tenant Selection Guarantee. If you commit to full property management with us and we select a tenant who breaches their tenancy agreement and needs to be dealt with by Tenancy Tribunal, we will pay the application fee, and our time preparing and attending is absolutely free to you.

A leasing authority is a contract between landlords and their property managers. In signing the authority, you authorise us to find a tenant for your property and to manage your property. For further information about leasing authorities, please click here.

This is the million dollar question! Alas, we cannot predict how long your property will be vacant but we do everything in our power to minimise it. As soon as the tenant gives notice, we start advertising and negotiate with the outgoing tenant to show the property as many times as it takes to rent it to a good quality tenant. This gives the new tenant enough time to give their notice and be ready to move in as soon as it’s available. Wherever possible we negotiate leases to end during a peak letting time – i.e. when tenants are plentiful, but properties are not. We do our best to match the asking rent to the market, but it can be worth considering reviewing asking rent if the property is not receiving the interest it should. It can be better to drop the rent by $10 to get a tenant now rather than endure a long vacancy.

We market properties with a fair rental amount for the location, features and condition of the property. We check tenants carefully for their ability and willingness to pay the asking rent. However, sometimes a change of circumstances causes problems in rent payments. We keep a close eye on rent coming in and follow up as soon as a rental payment is late with a phone call, text message, or email to the tenant, and a 14-day Notice to vacate to remedy if that doesn’t do the trick. Where required, we apply to tribunal. In one year we achieved a 99.6% success rate of tenants leaving properties without any money owing, when other landlords were reporting 5 – 10 % of tenants left owing money.

If a tenant vacates your property owing money there are several courses of action we can take. Assuming the tenant has been asked to pay and they have not, the first, and simplest option is to deduct it from the bond. If that is not sufficient for any reason, the second option is to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal. If the tenant is ordered to pay, we will make arrangements with them to do so. We are so confident of our tenant selection and rent monitoring that we will attend the Tenancy Tribunal for FREE to sort out tenancy issues so you get the money you deserve. For more information, contact the friendly team at Property Managers Online today.

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