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For landlords wanting to transfer the property management process to professionals, Property Managers Online provides a streamlined, profitable and personalised service to landlords. Our aim is to make the managing property process easy for our landlords.

Here, we provide a brief run through of the steps involved in managing your rental property:

Signing a Leasing Authority

A leasing authority is a contract between landlords and their property managers. In signing the authority, you authorise us to find a tenant for your property and to manage your property. We generally sign a 30 day exclusive authority, which involves advertising and leasing your property, as well as a continuing/general authority for 730 days, which covers the ongoing management of your property.

For further information about leasing authorities, please click here.

Finding you a Tenant

We strive to find you the perfect tenant while minimising the time your property remains vacant.

Our approach differs from that of other real estate agencies and property managers in the following ways:

  1. Advertising via Social Media → This significantly reduces costs incurred in renting out the property.
  2. Immediate inspections → Where necessary, we organise private inspections in addition to regular inspections to expedite the process.
  3. Faster Approvals Once we’ve found the most suitable tenant, we get your approval, conduct reference checks and process documentation as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours!)
  4. Better inductions → By investing that little bit of extra time settling tenants in, answering queries and detailing their obligations, we realise found that this greatly reduces the chance of conflicts arising in the future.
  5. Regular inspections → After the tenant moves in, we conduct a detailed inspection after three months, and then every six months thereafter. This allows us to identify and address potential maintenance issues early and avoid unnecessary costs.

Lease Documentation

The following details the documentation process, which includes the information we collect and process in finding the right tenant for your property.

  • Tenant Applications → 100 points of identification are required in addition to supporting documents, such as proof of income, rental history, employer and personal references.
  • Lease agreements → Upon signing the lease agreement, tenants are required to pay the bond and one month’s rent in advance. To ensure that we minimise tenant drop outs, we also ask tenants to pay a $500 deposit to secure their desired property before signing the lease.
  • Bond Form → Lodged with the RTBA, with receipts being provided to both landlord and tenants.
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) Rental guides → provided to all tenants securing the property with us.
  • Condition reports → These must be filled out by incoming tenants and returned to us within ten days of signing the lease.
  • Key Handover → Tenants are provided with the keys and remotes on the day their lease commences.

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