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Landlords Transferring Property Services

What Next?Once you are confident that Property Managers Online are the ones who can guard your interests and fetch your results for your real estate investments, you will need to provide written authority stating that Property Managers Online are able to work on your behalf.

Landlords transferring property must complete a document that outlines the property manager’s responsibility in finding a suitable tenant for your property, collecting bond and rent, the agent’s entitlement to commission, type of authority (exclusive or general), dispute resolution, warranty, and the level of service to ensure that the tenants are meeting their obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

The document will also outline the responsibility of the property manager in paying council and water rates on your behalf, organising periodic inspections and conducting regular rental reviews to ensure that you are receiving the best return on your investment. After documenting the transferring process, our property services will be available to landlords. Click here to see an authority sample.

This clears away the last legal hurdle for us to proceed

To make things between the Landlord and Agent simple and dispute-free, we give the utmost importance to the documentation process. We are REIV Members, and we use their most current format of documents to include the latest law terms.

Exclusive Leasing and Managing Authority

We always use the Exclusive Leasing and Managing Authority to work on your behalf. This authority covers all the minute details of all levels of service, commissions, and protects both the landlords and agent against any conflicts. Exclusive period of the authority is always 45 days and continue for the next 365 days.

Property Walkthrough

Once the landlord finalises the authority and gives us the go ahead, we work together with the landlord to give a detailed walk through of the property. We document all existing damages, repair issues, renovations and upgrades – allowing us to better understand and assess the condition of the property, and to understand the priorities of the landlord. This helps us to understand your needs and to develop an effective advertising campaign for your property.

Transferring a Property

In some cases where the landlord has already engaged a property manager in handling their property, the landlord can still opt to change their manager at any time. The landlord is never bound with an agent for the management of the property – as the exclusivity is only with the leasing process.

If at any stage you are not happy with your current property manager, it’s a simple and hassle free process to file a request to have them changed. To do this you will need to supply us with an authority form, which allows us to work on your behalf and we will manage the rest! We will collect your file from your existing agent/property manager, conduct an inspection, meet with your tenants to update them on the changes, and provide you with feedback and strategies on how we can raise future returns.

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