A Low-Budget Trick to Boost Rental Property Enquiries!

A Low-Budget Trick to Boost Rental Property Enquiries!

December 5, 2017
A Low-Budget Trick to Boost Rental Property Enquiries!

Property photography isn’t just great for property sales, but also for generating more enquiries for your rental property. Having nice photos will get people interested in your house before they even see it in person. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair either, as there are so many services that exist that can greatly reduce the cost of attaining amazing showcase photos. So how can you generate more interest for your property without the expensive advertising?

Fill Your Space With Virtual Furniture!

While Property Managers Online aren’t a business built on the sales of properties, we know that one of the biggest property sellers is in property styling. When you style your home with furniture to make people visualise how they could live in the space – they’ll instantly feel more connected. However, one of the biggest things is that property styling can be quite expensive. However, some online services and tools have the ability to virtually transform an empty space into one that looks professionally styled. This means you’ll be able to do the same with less than a quarter of the cost!

Include a Floor Plan!

It has been found by realestate.com.au that being presented with a floor plan is important to 84% of agents when it comes to marketing property. By having something as simple at a floorplan layout – you not only draw in more buyer’s interest, but you can also keep them there longer. Some benefits include being able to allow them to visualise the layout and flow of a house, to gage whether this will suit their needs. Including details such as doors, storage spaces and other measurements allow prospects to piece together where certain furnishing could go, and to form more of an emotional attachment to what might be their potential future home.

Item Removal:

When it comes to photography for your property, the last thing you want to do is to take a lot of photos to realise that there’s some clutter that has been left in the photo. However, there are now easier ways to get your photo looking the way you want without the need to reshoot your areas. Businesses such as Box Brownie are able to remove unwanted items from your photos to get your space looking how you want it.

Image Enhancement:

Some people don’t realise how much can be changed by simply adjusting the lighting and colours within your photos. Rather than having a dark, unwelcoming looking house – you can edit it to appear the best that it can be. Photos that are simply taken on phones can be edited to appear more professional through some basic editing.

The purpose of photos is to give a visual idea to tenants and prospects on how amazing of a space they could make your property. By creating a wider, brighter looking space – you’re opening up a world of ideas to your prospective tenants on what type of living space they could have, ultimately generating you a wider range of better enquiries. And with a range of online services and tools such as Box Brownie, you pay marginally less than if you were to undertake professional photography.

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