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Property Managers Online makes securing your ideal new home easier than ever.Our streamlined tenant application process reduces waiting time, and having our tenant property manager service online greatly reduces paperwork to ensure that you move in faster. After application, you will have a tenant property manager service you to ensure that all your renting requirements are met. We work on a first come first basis; we priorities applications in a sequence of receiving the full application, and then try getting it approved in the quickest time possible. We also try reducing the time of approval by shortlisting prospective tenants as per the landlord’s selection criteria. Prospective tenants are not kept waiting for approvals, to avoid inconvenience to prospects. This helps us retain tenants long-term and keeps them returning to us for an excellent service.

Every day we review our work to make it simpler

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Book an Inspection

Once you have found a place you like, contact us to arrange a time to inspect the property.

Unlike other real estate agencies, we don’t conduct open inspections – we organise immediate and private inspections for you to view the property at your convenience. This allows you to conduct a far more detailed (and less rushed) inspection of the property, as compared to open inspections.

Completing Your Application

Once the inspection has taken place, interested tenants should submit an application form as soon as possible. Our application form is easy to complete and can be downloaded here.

Property Managers Online operates on a first come, first serve basis; so if you’ve found your dream property, don’t delay!

We value the time of everyone who submits an application, which is why we inform all individuals of the outcome of their application within 48 hours of receiving it.

What’s included on the application form?

You will need to provide personal details supported by 100 points of identification.

In order to achieve 100 points, applicants must provide one primary form of identification (such as a birth certificate or passport) in addition to one or more secondary forms of identification (such as a driver’s licence or tertiary student card).

As part of your 100 points of identification, we require you to provide at least one item which confirms your current address, such as a recent bill or driver’s license.

For more information about valid forms of identification, head to:

A tenant ledger covering your last two years of tenancy history must be supplied along with the contact information of your previous property manager so that we can give them a call.

We will also consider direct references from the landlords.

This needs to cover your last two years of employment. Employment references should include salary documents or payslips, bank statements showing your income, or a letter from your employer stating this information.

You will also need to provide contact details for your boss/supervisor, who can be contacted to confirm your employment.

A reference from a friend or a relative should be provided to attest to your personality / personal attributes which would make you a good tenant.

It is important that you provide the contact details of someone close to you (preferably a blood relative) whom we can contact in the event of an emergency.

A reference from a friend or a relative should be provided to attest to your personality / personal attributes which would make you a good tenant.

Given that some landlords accept pets and others don’t, it is very important that you disclose any pets that you have.

It’s also important to provide information regarding your vehicles since the parking arrangements vary widely between properties.

If you want Property Managers online to arrange utility connections for you before you move into the property, you need to indicate this in your application and sign the consent forms provided in section D of the application form.

The tenant can opt to arrange utility connections by contacting the service provider directly. We suggest this should be done immediately after the lease is signed so that the property is connected with all the services before the move in date.

This covers how we will use your private and personal information that is collected according to privacy laws.

Once Approved

Successful applicants are required to pay full bond (equivalent to one months rent) to secure their property. Once this is received by us, we will consider the property as leased.

In a case a dispute arises before the commencement of the lease term, and the lease is not commenced; any losses incurred by the landlord will be deducted from this bond, and the remainder will be returned to the tenant.

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You can also check out some answers to Frequently Answered Questions.

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