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The moving process for tenants can be quite a strenuous task. As a property management company, we ensure that the tenant moving out of the property undergoes a smooth transition process. We make sure that our tenants are given enough notice before they have to vacate, and we try to make the moving out process as hassle free as possible for landlords and tenants. When you have Property Managers Online looking after your property we assure the best possible service for our landlords by educating our tenants about the move out process as early as possible to avoid any last minute troubles.

We have outlined a few essential steps which provide a framework for tenants in educating them about the move out process.

There are various aspects of moving out which tenants should be familiar with, in order to make the process as stress free as possible.

Step by step and the thing is done

Notice to Vacate

The tenant may be issued with a notice to vacate before the end of the lease period, which will be issued by the Property Manager on behalf of the landlord. The minimum notice given may vary depending on the reason – a list of possible reasons is supplied in your renting a home guide for tenants. You can also view these on the consumer affairs website here.

This may include issues such as overdue rent, damage to the property or breach of the lease agreement. For more information, please visit the Consumers Affairs Website here.

Tenants must provide 28 days written notice to Property Managers Online when they wish to vacate the premises.

The tenant can only provide this notice when the fixed term lease is due to expire, or they are on an ongoing (month to month) lease term lease agreement.

The tenant must still pay the rent in full until the agreed final moving out date once they decide to move out

Final Inspection

A final inspection will be conducted in the last week prior to moving out, to ensure the state of the property has been maintained from when the tenant first moved in. We will review the entry condition report and identify any discrepancy in the state of the property and advise the tenant to get any issues fixed. Tenants are not allowed to access the property once the keys are handed back to us. Any repairs or cleaning issues arising after this time will be deducted from the bond.

Returning the Keys

The tenant must return the keys to property managers online office and receive acknowledgement from us as proof for return. The keys will be considered returned once they are returned to our office. Any keys left at the property will not be considered as returned.

Exit Condition Report

The exit condition report is prepared after the keys have been handed back to our office. This is a final document that records any discrepancies in the final condition of the property. It will be used as a reference in case of any disputes that arise due to a conflict of opinion regarding the return of the bond. This is a critical aspect which needs to give given due importance in order to reimburse the tenants bond amount. We encourage tenants to undertake professional cleaning for the rented property before handing over the keys and bring the house back to the condition as it was when rented. For more information about cleaning services we encourage people to contact our office.

Bond Claim Form

In order for your bond to be returned to you, a bond claim form must be submitted. This will be provided to you by your Property Manager once the final property inspection has been completed and any property condition discrepancies resolved. Any expenses incurred by the landlord will be deducted from the bond.

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