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Do you need maintenance works done at your rental property?Property Managers Online is on hand to respond efficiently to any maintenance issues you experience during your tenancy.

Tenants must submit a maintenance request via online form. No matter whether the issue affecting your rental property is big or small, you should contact us right away for the fastest turnaround.

By reporting issues promptly to us, it also reflects well on you as a tenant by demonstrating your diligence.

A house is a machine for living in

Depending on the type of maintenance required, you should follow one of these two steps:

Urgent Repairs

Urgent issues are those that present a danger to the tenants and/or the property, or those that present considerable discomfort and inconvenience to the tenants. Examples of issues requiring urgent attention may include electrical faults, gas leaks, water leaks, faulty appliances and roof leaks.

Property Managers Online will resolve urgent issues within 48 hours of you reporting the issue.

How to contact us:

Contact your agent anytime day or night, on the 24-hour phone number:
1300 10 30 13 or 0450 017 018.

Non Urgent Repairs

ssues are considered non-urgent if they do not seriously impact on the safety and comfort of tenants. These issues vary widely and may include jammed windows, cracked glass panels, loose hinges etc.

Property Managers Online will resolve non-urgent issues within 14 days of receiving your online maintenance form request.

How to contact us:

Submit a maintenance form via our online form.

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