Three Sneaky and Legal Ways to Screen Potential Tenants

Three Sneaky and Legal Ways to Screen Potential Tenants

November 4, 2016
Three Sneaky and Legal Ways to Screen Potential Tenants

There is no such thing as being too thorough especially while screening potential tenants. A thorough background checking of the people you are going to rent your property to is a very important practice that should not be taken lightly. Apart from the traditional methods, there are a few advanced screening methods you can use.

  1. Social Media: To say that social media is a mine of personal information on people might be considered an understatement. Modern people put up almost everything in their social media accounts, and if the landlord takes a tour of the potential tenant’s profile in various social media sites, tons of information about them can be easily discovered, including who they hang out with and where, their pastime activities, their political and religious beliefs, if they were honest about their jobs and other provided information, etc.
  2. Google Them: Google is an excellent way to try to get more information on the prospective tenants. Academic, professional and social information about a person can be usually found if you google the person’s name. Technical tip: instead of just typing the person’s name (e.g. John Doe) type the name within inverted commas instead (e.g. “John Doe”). That way, the whole name will be searched together instead of finding documents with the words John and Doe present in any order.
  3. Unexpected Visit: A surprise drive to the tenant’s current residence will give you an idea about how the tenant is going to treat your property like. If you find the unprepared tenant living like a slob, do not expect that to change once they move in to your property.

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