Ways to Make Your Property Pet-Friendly

Ways to Make Your Property Pet-Friendly

November 4, 2016
Ways to Make Your Property Pet-Friendly

A lot of people have pets and many of them considers these pets as part of their own family. Unfortunately, not everyone can appreciate the importance of pets. The loyalty of a dog or the companionship of a cat is often too precious to some people, but most properties do not allow pets for tenants. If you are a landlord, making your property pet-friendly can give you the advantage over your competitors. Although it might be difficult at first, in the long run, it will have benefits for you. For example, a family with a dog is not very likely to abandon the dog for a property where pets are not welcome, so they will look for another place. If you offer them the chance to live their pets, they will definitely choose your property to rent. You can even do a little “pet interview” which will satisfy the tenant and also gives you an idea about the pet. Here are some things you can do to ensure a pet-friendly environment.

Socially Accepted Behaviour: You have to talk with your tenant about the socially accepted behaviours regarding pets and clarify the boundaries. You need to consider how the community will be affected by the pets of your tenant and educate your tenant about it.

Fair Additional Charges: Letting your tenant keep their pets is an additional service and you can charge extra fees for that service. Work out a deal with the tenant and ensure that you have rules, regulations and the security fee for pets that both parties agree on.

Host Community Events: If you organize pet-friendly events that will allow pet owners to mingle with non-pet owners, it will help to create an understanding between both (which, in turn, would allow both of them to live in harmony) and also a good way to keep your community in touch.

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